Kaiju Krush

The Kaiju Krush is a beer with which I had no relationship before I tried it. It’s unusual that I’ve never tried not only the beer I’m writing about before, but also that I have never tried a beer from the brewery.

According to the KAIJU! website, they’ve got no time for extensive legal battles and they are just “little craft producers who make good stuff” and I’ve got to say, with that little blurb in mind, it’s a pretty good way to describe this beer. It’s nothing incredibly fancy, but it also doesn’t need to be. It’s a perfect example of an American Pale Ale and its a good example of an Australian Pale Ale. It’s thouroughly enjoyable after a long day’s work in unreasonably hot weather considering it’s the middle of winter here.

For the hop flavours, there’s a certain citrus flavour, I can’t particularly place what it is beyond that, but it is definitely there and lends the beer a lovely refreshing quality. It’s what separates it from something you’d drink in winter from something you’d reach for after a hard days work in summer. There’s definitely a flavour on the back of the palate one would describe as simply “hoppy” and it’s got a nice overall hop flavour.

The malt bill is nice and clean, it knows it’s place in the beer in this situation. Rather than trying to combat or contrast the hop flavours of the hops, it prefers to rather take a comfortable back seat and simply compliment it. It’s almost as though rather than even showing up the malt is sitting in the background providing the hops with a bit of moral support.

With a clean mouthfeel and a pleasant feeling and aftertaste, the beer leaves you to enjoy it rather than trying to overwhelm you. These Victorians sure know how to make a good ale to enjoy when you’re a bit on the warm side.

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