Hawke’s Lager

When I first heard that Bob Hawke was releasing a beer, my initial reaction was “I HAVE TO TRY THAT” the man is an Aussie Legend, so I figure the beer has to be an Aussie Legend too. 

As it goes, unfortunately, the beer is as much of an Aussie Legend as the classic Australian Beers are. It reminds me of something that comes from a more mainstream brewery, I can’t really identify any strong hop or malt flavours and there’s not much there other than just beer. 

In drinking this beer, I’m reminded of the “just beer” from Batch. It’s not a bad beer, in fact if it’s all you have on offer I’ll even go so far as to pay for it. It’s actually an excellent beer to have in certain situations. 

The issue is that one of these situations is not when you’re out trying a few different craft beers. I’m sure people will be saying “it’s a Lager what do you expect?” To them I reply that there are a number of lagers out there with strong malt or hop flavours. They’re still enjoyable, distinctively craft beer providing something different in a saturated market of various mainstream breweries. 

And I think that’s the problem with Old Hawkie’s newest venture. Yes, it’s beer, yes, its enjoyable but no, it’s not craft. 

Give it a go if, like me, you want to taste something from an Aussie Legend, but don’t go into it expecting to find your new go to beer, you’ll likely end up a bit disappointed. 

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