Philter XPA

This one is a beer that the Old Man has been ranting about for a while. Apparently he tried it at the Lord Raglan one night and he couldn’t get his hands on it at any other point since. Little does he know that (at time of writing) I just ordered him a 4-Pack that’s gonna be delivered before this goes up.

Anyway, we went out for a family lunch to a craft beer pub(we didn’t even have any input into this one!) and we found the Philter on tap! The Old Man was over the moon and after trying a Hawke’s Lager for the first time (stay tuned for that review) I got a schooner of the Philter.


Anyway, time for he business side of things. The Philter is an XPA, and you can tell just by looking at it that it fits the bill. It’s nice and pale and so cloudy that you can’t see your hand on the other side of the schooner when you look for it.

As for the flavour, even the most cursory smell tells you that there are plenty of galaxy hops in this one. It’s not an overly hoppy beer, but the herbal taste of the galaxy you find on the back of the palate that reminds you of the Hangman’s Pale from Rocks Brewing is definitely there. You’ve also got the lovely taste of tropical fruit aromas that you come to expect from any beer bearing the Pale Ale title.

The malt bill is definitely understated, in fact there’s not a huge amount of malt flavours in there at all. It’s what you come to expect from any pale ale, if you’re looking for something nastier, maybe reach for something of the red or brown ale persuasions.

If you’re looking for a nice, light flavoured XPA to session while you’re at a family lunch or when you’re looking for a beer to go through while you’re having dinner, this is a great beer to have with a steak and chips (that one comes from experience). It overall goes down quite nicely, definitely one to add to your beer list.

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