Zoo Brew

Craft Beer Experiences are part of the joy of being part of the community of craft beer rather than simply enjoying a beverage. They’re part of what differentiates between the basic, commercial brewers who are simply making the more craft styles of beer and the small, intimate breweries putting out what they can make in a space the size of a two car garage.

I’ve always said that it’s about the experience when it comes to craft beer, or beer in general, rather than just the taste, and the Zoo Brew did not disappoint in this regard. Set overlooking the view of Sydney Harbour and the city skyline, the Taronga Centre at the zoo was an excellent place to enjoy a few beers and try a few different beers.

$40 bought you a wristband with ten tags on it, good for ten 200ml tasters, and a souvenir 200ml glass. You’d try what the breweries had on offer and you’d get to do it overlooking the idyllic view of the harbour. If you decided you wanted some more beers, you could buy another wristband, which is what Dad and I decided to do, another $40 wristband gave us an extra five beers each.

There were 20 breweries there, including Batch, Akasha and Young Henry’s, but it wasnt just another Inner West craft show, there were plenty of interstate options available too! Feral and Brewfarm from Western Australia, Pirate Life from Adelaide, Balter from Queensland and even Monteiths from across the ditch. It was almost a tyranny of choice.

The food selection wasn’t bad either, there were the options of Burgers or Curries for those seeking a nice hearty meal to go with their beers, as well as options of Asian dumplings for someone looking for a lighter meal.

Overall, if you’re looking for a way to an enjoyable weekend, this wasn’t a bad way to spend it, unfortunately my real job prevented me from getting to the beer degustation dinner, which is something I have always enjoyed ever since my first Beer Experience at Rock’s Brewing, but keep your eyes peeled on the blog for the next one I get the chance to make my way to.

If they manage to get 20 breweries together in a room again for something as small as this, it’s definitely a brilliant option to go for.


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