Boxer Red Ale

In an attempt to try different styles of beer, I went for a red ale, sticking to my local brewery so as not to become too adventurous, the Boxer was my first beer on a night at the Rocks Brewery Bar with my folks and some family friends.

Watching the bartender pour the beer I could immediately tell it was going to be an enjoyable experience, the beer was a beautiful red colour and seemed to hold a head quite well, I was definitely looking forward to it, and when I sat down at the table with the pint glass, I would have looked like a kid in a candy shop (or a beer-lover in a brewery).

When I first took a mouthful, I got a heavy malty hit – something I would definitely expect from a beer based on an Irish style, in fact, I don’t think this one would be out of place with a roaring fire in a pub in Dublin. The Chocolate and Crystal malts lend such complex, malty flavours to the beer that it almost becomes difficult to describe beyond that. Layers of caramel and chocolate through the beer leave you wanting more after every mouthful, coupled with a lovely mouthfeel despite a relatively low ABV, the flavours of this beer keep you wanting more.

The only issue I could find with the Boxer is what one experiences on the back of the palate, despite the lovely flavours on the front, the aftertaste leaves something to be desired. A not unpleasant flavour, but it is rather bland, leaving a single dimensional experience. If, like me, you enjoy the experience of the beer rather than the flavour, it leaves an unfortunate experience.

If you’re in the mood for something nice and malty rather than a strong, hoppy IPA and you happen to be going past the brewery, definitely go for this option. However, it’s not the most perfect beer on the menu. I’ve actually had it a few times since I first tried it, Definitely a beer you can go back to, and an excellent beer to have while watching the footy in the Brewery Bar after a long days work. It matched pretty well with their Angry Bird burger if you’re looking for a nice meal to go with your beer.

While the aftertaste isn’t brilliant, I’m thinking about this beer as a game of golf: If you hit a bad round, it’s not the best way to spend your weekend, but it’s still an enjoyable passtime. In the same way, it’s not my absolute favourite beer, but the Boxer is definitely a pretty good ale to drink once you’ve clocked out and are looking for an enjoyable way to finish the evening, and you aren’t looking for something hoppy and strong, order a pint of this one.

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