Finn Diesel IPA

Feral has long been one of my favourite breweries, in fact the Hop Hog pale ale is an excellent go to beer for both a hot summer day and a cold winter night. I’ve always liked their aestetic too, seeming as though there are a handful of blokes brewing beer and selling it at their Brewpub. Overall, It’s a brewery of which I am a massive fan.

The Finn Diesel is a beer which I had heard a great deal about from a few of the different groups I’m a member of on facebook, and it’s a fun little nod to a movie star, with a pretty label and it’s an IPA – one of my favourite varieties of beer to boot. What’s not to love?

Well… the beer?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely an IPA, it’s bitter and it’s got a strong acidic pang on the back of the palate. But there’s just something missing, and I actually think it’s the hops, which was incredibly dissapointing considering that I opened the beer and could smell all these lovely flavours out of the bottle, but they seemed to disappear as soon as I poured the glass.

Before you get out the torches and pitchforks, hear me out. A little bit of research on this beer found that they weren’t using actual hops, but rather something called Lupulin Powder. You might have never heard of this before, but it is a new product which is essentially an extract of the hop, rather than the hop itself.

Apparently, the Finn Diesel IPA is made using Lupulin Powder containing extract of the Simcoe and Citra hops. The Simcoe are designed to give a beer earthy, pine flavours, as well as giving a citrus flavour, think something you’ll get out of the 4 Pines Brewery. The Citra hop is designed to create the scent and flavour of either tropical or citrus fruits, something you might find familiar in a pale ale or some of the less bitter IPAs out there.

I think the issue here was the fact that the beer was so incredibly bitter, any other flavour was completely excluded. The flavour of pine was there if you looked really hard for it, but overall it wasn’t exactly the main flavour you were tasting. Overall, the beer tasted incredibly bitter, with no floral or fruity flavours.

Dad noticed me scratching my head while we were trying the beer (rarely, we tried a beer at the same time) and he responded “It’s a difficult one to make notes on, isn’t it?” He agreed, there were no botanical flavours to the beer, in fact it was basically just a bitter experience that I really didn’t enjoy.

If you’re a hardened IPA drinker, it’s probably worth trying, but otherwise, steer clear.

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