Burglar Brown Ale

A brief trip on a Friday night to your local brewery is always an enjoyable experience, especially when you get to try a beer of one of your favourite styles made by one of your favourite breweries.

It was here I was lucky to try the Burglar (previously King Arthur) Brown Ale. Originally brewed to commemorate the Australian premiere of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, which from what I’ve heard is a reasonably decent movie, but you’re not really here for the movie reviews, are you?

Onto the important part, the beer itself. While I’m sure there are hops in it, a combination of me trying to taste them and trying to do a bit of research on the beer itself has resultedĀ in me knowing only one thing: they’re not very strong. That’s not a bad thing in the slightest, a brown ale isn’t meant to be a particularly hoppy beer, and this is a perfect example.

It’s the malt flavours of the beer that ring through here. I’m no expert on malts, and I once again couldn’t find this out through research. There are distinct flavours of biscuit and chocolate, and they lend themselves to creating a well flavoured brown ale that any fan of the style could enjoy.

Finally, the mouthfeel of the beer, something that for the darker ales has always become an important part of the experience. A 5.2% ABV combined with what I’m assuming is a strong contribution by the hops create a mouthfeel that is so creamy you could serve it on your cornflakes and it wouldn’t feel out of place. It was described by one of the guys at the table who isn’t overly into craft beer as “like a chocolate milk only in beer form”

I’d recommend this beer to anyone who wasn’t looking for an overly hoppy beer, or someone looking for something to pair well with a dessert, especially if you’re not usually a sour or witbier drinker. I personally had it on tap in a pint glass at the brewery, but it would probably go down a bit nicer out of a tulip. Definitely a good beer to try for anyone interested in the brown ale style.

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