Pirate Life Mosaic IPA

Pirate Life is a brewery which has a special place in my heart. I often say that the first craft beer I ever tasted was the Pirate Life Pale Ale, and it has remained somewhat up there in my list of favourite beers. In fact, a brief story for you, it was the beer that started this little journey I have been documenting, my father tried it and spurred him onto tasting all different kinds of beer with his newly 18 year old son.

In saying that, trying the Mosaic was something of a nerve wracking experience for me. As much as I like their pale ale, I find that the Pirate Life IPA leaves a strange hoppy flavour on the back of the palate that both myself and the old man have described as “earthy” Something which we have always attributed to the Mosaic hop they feature quite strongly.

Now I can comfortably say that my concerns were somewhat unfounded. After a bit of conversation with Dad about this beer (Yes, this conversation was had whilst holding a glass of this beer) we’ve definitely come to a good conclusion. It’s not the strongest in IPA flavours on the planet, in fact the bitterness only comes onto the palate towards the end of the mouthful, but it’s a thoroughly enjoyable ale nonetheless.

Describing the hop flavours of this beer is an easier job than I normally get, mostly because I only have one hop to look for. The Mosaic leaves a flavour something incredibly different to that I’ve normally attributed the plant to. Rather than the earthy flavour it can give on the back of the palate, as can be found in the regular IPA from Pirate Life, it actually lends a more floral flavour than anything, leaving you with passionfruit flavours towards the end of the mouthful. You’re left with the strong acidic feeling of any good IPA as an aftertaste.

The malts in the beer are also incredibly simple. Rather than a large malt bill found in some IPAs, the Mosaic contains only two, Pale and Carapils malt. This results in a beer that focuses strongly on giving a hero status to the Mosaic Hop while not taking anything away from it with a strong hop bill. The Carapils malt serves to give the beer a silky smooth mouthfeel, which is undoubtedly contributed to by the 7.0% ABV leaves you with a smooth beer which feels good every inch of the way down.

Overall, this new addition to the Pirate Life family is incredible, especially if you’re not necessarily the strongest of IPA fans. If you’re interested at all in either Pale Ale or it’s India variant, I strongly recommend going for this one. Fans of either will be able to find the nice flavours of their beer of choice, while having an excellent mouthfeel.

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