4 Pines Grapefruit IPL

4 Pines is a brewery I’ve not tried very often, in fact this is probably the first beer I’ve tried from them truth be told. However after this beverage, it’s certainly one I’d be inclined to try again.

4 Pines seems to try something slightly different to most breweries, rather than doing seasonal brews, they do something which they call the “Keller Door” Range. Described on their website as “One-off, small batch (maybe never seen again) brews” It’s a concept that’s definitely found a home in the little craft beer community we have here in Australia.

Onto the business.

The Hops found in the Grapefruit IPL are the Azacca, Waimea and Centennial varieties. Living true to the name of a pale lager though, they are not incredibly present. They’re definitely playing a role, and they’ve definitely given some of their flavour to the beer, but not in a way that you might find the hops of any ale.

The malts of the beer really shine through in this situation though.

Funnily enough, the beer contains ale malts, which definitely lend a flavour that even the most seasoned of ale drinkers can appreciate, while the pale wheat lends a nice malty flavour towards the beer.

There are, however two malts so prevalent in this beer that I feel they are deserving of their own paragraph. The Munich malts leave a flavour that one might expect to find in a stein at Oktoberfest, a distinct feelings that make you think of the German heritage of beer we’ve just never managed (or tried) to shake. It’s the taste of beer that you expect when you crack open a bottle, and it’s the taste you just don’t want to forget.

The Carapils hops however are exactly what you’re looking for in just about any beer. Owned by Briess industries, this malt aims not to flavour the beer so much as it serves to produce a nice foamy head and create a lovely mouthfeel. This beer definitely has the mouthfeel you’re looking for in a beer, incredibly smooth, and while the 6.3% ABV of this beer is definitely contributing to it, I’m going to give it to the malts on this one, it goes down silky smooth. It’s a delight on the mouthfeel.

Overall, this is a thoroughly enjoyable drop of beer. If you’re not much for fruitiness, don’t let the name chase you off, it’s definitely just a beer through and through. I’m not sure how much will be left of the small batch, but if you find some grab it, no matter what your go to beer, you’ll enjoy it.

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