Kaiju Krush

Going into this one completely blind I didn't know exactly what to expect, I was definitely not disappointed by this little brewery from down south.

Hawke’s Lager

A beer from a bloke who used to have the top job, one who is known for his love of beer no less. Unfortunately, it doesn't go far past the old style of beer.

Zoo Brew

Overlooking the harbour and drinking beer from different breweries around the country - What's not to love?

Boxer Red Ale

Watching the bartender pour a ruby red ale is always an enjoyable experience, getting to drink it after is even better - a 4.1% malty punch in the face, it's easy to see where this beer got it's name.

Finn Diesel IPA

They don't seem to know the IBU of this beer, but I can tell you that it's pretty high! an overly bitter experience that was somewhat disappointing given all the hype.

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